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The Forbidden Ruins


@schadenfreude it is possible to get the full set without using diamonds in my opinion. I only need another 9 staffs to complete the set and haven't spent any diamonds on currency. Between the remaining quests, login bonus and hourly drops I should get enough currency to finish the set.
I do agree that reducing the event currency has made the recent events harder to complete the set/evolving building. I think that if you finish all of the quests that you should be guaranteed to complete the set/evolving building with or without the ashen phoenix/stash outpost.
I won't be able to complete the set even after finishing all the quests and getting a lot of the random scrolls around my city. I will be at least 2 rounds away from getting the last building for my set at the end of the event. and when you figure 40 flags at 25 scrolls per flag, that's about 2000 scrolls short. Glad I haven't spent any cash lately. Won't happen ever again.


I'm starting to feel very jaded by these events, the last building of the set only seems to be possible if you are SUPER lucky in getting the bonus scrolls, or willing to pay for extra scrolls or diamonds to buy scrolls.

The last few events were the same, i played every day, did all the quests, got lucky several times with additional event currency, still spent 2500diamonds for event currency and still didn't manage to get the last building for Pilgrams Manor, now i'm in exactly the same position with the Forbidden Ruins.

Instead we've got a whole load of buildings and buffs that are pretty useless.


I've just completed my set with 23 hours to go. Cut it a bit fine.....
I felt I got fewer bonus scrolls than previous events, maybe I just got lucky with the beacon options on offer being more "main prize" efficient.
Oddly enough, I didn't get many daily prize buildings along the way but lots of troops which are always welcome :)


Weird, just got daily login scrolls for the last day, that doesnt normally happen for the last 9 hour bit.
Are @Inno feeling sorry for the lack of scrolls for this event? i got 218 points and just finished in bronze league by 3 points, probably be in iron league by morning. finished all quests and 42 points short of the last set building.
Its a shame Inno are going for the pay to win event strategy, a waste of time and effort to do quests if you dont even get close to the grand prize.


I also will finish with 226 in Aren and 232 in Winy, far away from the last set building, this event I have not enough additional currency from the beacons. I make all the quests and took all the scrolls outside the city. But this was not enough.
My approximate calculations put me at 230 staffs, 30 short of the final set piece (if no extracurrency will be won). I must say that this event was very stingy on giving extra currency. I have mainly went for 23, 75 and 79 totems and have won so far 200 extra currency in one city and 350 in another, very disappointing. Also, no KP instant as daily prize in this event :(.
Unfinished building sets all over my world over so many events. This one particularly bad almost impossible to complete. I agree very mean on extra tokens. Also quests on end to scout which takes 3days to get relics. Too many meaningless "prizes" in between


As much as I dislike events that don't give the main prize for completing all quests, the graphics between switching screens are fabulous, well done to your graphics team. :)