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Question The end of an Expiring Building

Sir Derf

So, I have a number of Expiring Buildings about to expire.

I have a number of Wishing Wells producing in 8 hours and expiring in 10 hours. My question is, if I don't visit for 12 hours, what will I find? Will I find a die ready to collect after having waited for 4 hours, or will I find a 2-hours-dead Wishing Well? If the Well expires while having a die waiting to be picked up, what happens to the die?


@Sir Derf, If memory serves, when wishing wells or any other expiring buildings (carting library, Ferris wheel etc) expire any production is lost, so you will find a 2-hours dead Wishing Well.


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hey @Sir Derf In this scenario, unfortunately you would not be able to collect after Expiry, so I would try to time this well in order to get your last collection!

Kind Regards


Sir Derf

Was already planning to, but it's nice to get confirmation. My actual window is a little larger than I portrayed in my questino.