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The better you do, the less there is to do.


As you progress in Elvenar, there is less to do.
In the beginning you are constantly restarting clock timers as you achieve your goals and move on to new ones.
Then the building timers start getting longer.
Which means the more you play, there less gameplay there is.

So your half an hour, or hour, of play turns into five or ten minutes. Then you sit back and wonder what to do.
Some people solve it by starting up new cities, on the same world, or on the other worlds.
Some people might solve it by paying Diamonds to get stuff done faster, and more continuously.
And tournaments and events can fill the hours, but they can be expensive on troops and resources.

I don't really mind Elvenar becoming a background activity that I can check on, every three hours, or every nine.
But I wonder if there might be another thing that can be done to let people whittle away the hours on Elvenar.


Neighborly help can easily take you hours if you have slow computer ;)


I agree :( ; unfortunately.
Plus the cost is so high
that it makes me sigh :rolleyes:
Free diamonds would be good,
if only they could :eek:.



I could do more in the real world, but is that what Innogames wants?
It also raises interesting philosophical questions of the meaning of reality. Let alone the question of the validity of some choices over others.
Is it better to watch a gamer streaming, or watching a football team playing?
Both are games. But with the gamer you can actually interact, unlike the TV game.

All interesting questions, but personally I find the diminishing returns design of Elvenar probably inhibitive to long term growth.