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If you enjoy tournaments and would like to get 10 chests every week, Tanglewwod Guardians might be the right place for you!! We have 2 open spots that we would like to fill.

We are a fairly new international fellowship but we have completed 10 chests every week since mid November. We are friendly - drama free fellowship whose main focus is playing in tournament.

We require from you:
- a minimum 5 visits to all members each week
- you to check your in-game messages at least twice each week and reply to any that are directed to you
- a minimum tournament participation of 800 points each week, more makes it easier on the rest of the team
- fair trades (2 or 3 star only), limited cross trades on Mondays only
- notification if/when you are going to be away from the game and can't meet these requirements (e.g. holidays or illness).

We have KP swaps which are voluntary and participate in every other FA.

Have a look at our fellowship overview for more details and if it sounds like you, please contact Joemork or McBratty in game.


We have 2 spots open. So if you would like to gain 10 chests and be part of the upcoming FA, please get in touch today :)


Tanglewood Guardians has one place opening up after the FA.
We are looking for a team player that can get a minimum of 800 points in the tourney every week and doesn't mind joining in the fun of the FA. The size of your city is not important, your enthusiasm is.
We get 10 chests every week.
If you are interested, please get in touch with Joemork or McBratty :cool:


Tanglewood has one place available at present.
We are an extremely active group who work well together in tournaments and the FA. We are even getting good at the Spire although its not compulsory to participate.
For relatively new cities we will help with trades to get your city flourishing in no time. There is lots of good advice available from our many knowledgeable players to point you in the right direction with tourneys etc.
Do please check us out, have a chat with McBratty or Joemork and we will be happy to answer all your questions. Hope you join us soon! :)