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Answered T4 Needs after Elementals?

Sir Derf

T4? Moonstone, Platinum and Tree Gum?

1) My Spire hasn't started asking for it. When does it start?
2) Where else?


The Spire should start asking for T4 after you start the Amuni chapter. How much you need compared to T5 depends on how quickly you're going through the chapter. I've only ever had 1 T4 manu, 1 T5 and 1 T6. It's been fine, but I've never had excess of any of them.

I'm not sure what else needs T4, but I assume tournament or province negotiating and presumably some building upgrades.


Ch15, ch16 needs more and more, I did ch15 with 1 T4, 1 T5 and 2 T6, and used over 300 MM spells on them to pass the chapter

Sir Derf

Chapter 12 (Elementals) introduced T4 and needed T4 for Chapter needs.

Chapter 13 (Amuni) introduces T5 and Chapter 14 (Constructs) T6, so both exclusively need those, respectively?

Chapters 15 & 16 (Elvenar and Dwarves&Fairies) need all 3, T4, T5 and T6, yes?

The Spire asks T4 starting in Amuni (Chapter 13).
What about map negotiations? Is there a T4 ring analogous to the Orc ring?

I'm waiting on Mana to complete Elemental's Ancient Wonders and am trying to plan my Amuni city, and trying to decide if/how many Platinum and supporting Marble to retain (vs. Teleport) while building up Inks and supporting Crystals. It almost sounds like I only have to plan for Spire needs and so can cut back one Platinum/Marble.


  • Chapter 12 (Elementals): yes
  • Chapter 13 (Amuni)
    • Mainly T5, but also some T4 are needed for research.
    • I don't remember if you need T4 for upgrades, but I'd guess probably not.
    • Spire asks for T4 (one chapter after T4 was introduced).
  • Chapter 14 (Constructs)
    • T4, T5, T6 are need for research.
    • I don't remember if you need T4 or T5 for upgrades.
    • Spire asks also for T5 (one chapter after T5 was introduced).
  • Chapter 15 (Elvenar)
    • T4, T5, T6 are needed for research in the first third of the research tree. Last two thirds ask for T6.
    • Upgrades need T4 and T5 goods - notably residences and main hall.
    • Spire asks also for T6 (one chapter after T6 was introduced).
  • Chapter 16 (D&F): I'm not there yet.
  • Map negotiations: At the 15th ring I still need only T1-T3 goods and orcs. I haven't read or heard about anything else yet.
  • Tournament: The same as negotiations, I haven't noticed any other resource (even when finishing all my provinces during last steel tournament).

As for my experience:
  • I was using just one of each available sentient manufactories until reaching Elvenar chapter (Ch15). Note that they were constantly under MM spell and on 3 hours cycle (plus 9h overnight). It was ok-ish and I'm pretty sure I'm going through chapters faster than average. :)
  • Elvenar chapter is quite unpleasant. I'm using three T6 manufactories at the moment. If I were starting it again, I'd use two T5 manufactories at the beginning and would teleport the second one after getting over the researches that need T5. Probably replacing it with third or even fourth T6 ... It all depends on how fast do you want to go through research, on your stack of Portal Profit spells and amount of KP you get weekly.
  • I'm using significant amount of sentient goods for playing two levels of Spire every week (mostly negotiating, because there is no manual fight in the app) and I'm using quite a few PP spells when unlocking research.
I hope this gives you some info you can use. Good luck. You'll end up waiting for something anyway - it's just the way this game works. ;-)

Sir Derf


I had been running 4 T1 supporting 3 T4 in Elementals.
I currently have 3 T2 (with a fourth in storage) and am building up 3 T5 in anticipation.
I'm thinking of falling back to 3 T1 and a single T4.


I'm early in Elvenar, and have just added a second T6. The sentient requirements are daunting. But so are the guest-race productions. Wish I had a blooming trader now. In return, though, I'm cutting down my three T2 to two. Could probably do the same with T1.


I had 2 T4 for chapter 12, then added, 2 T5 for chapter 13, then 2 T6 for chapter 14. No need for MM enchantments.
Then for chapter 15 I added another 2 T6 plus I run everything on MM enchantments. If I had the choice I would swap out the 2 T4 and 2 T5 for another 2 T6, but I am too lazy to build those, so I stick to what I have and run it all. It´s fast enough so I don´t have to wait for goods too often. And the T4 and T5 production means I can upgrade buildings while doing research without having to choose between the two. Downside is: running 8 sentient factories on 3h productions costs quite a lot of seeds... but since events are rather useless otherwise nowadays one can just get seed buildings from them :) Currently I have 15 golden Palaces and 8 Festival merchants (or something like that)