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Answered Struggling for Supplies


I have a small city but I've been playing in various cities for over 2 years and I've never found it so difficult to get supplies!

I'm in the Dwarves chapter, which apparently is level 9 for the workshops. Mine are level 15 and I have 10 of them yet for days I've been having to produce many simple tools to keep up with the demands of the tournament and a bit of upgrading etc (I had to stop upgrading a manu a few days ago). It's not fun at all; in fact it's too demanding and stressful to be constantly watching the time and collecting the simple tools.

And something I'm very fed up about is that I'm having to use my Combining Catalysts and Spell Fragments up on supply instants whenever they come up! How am I supposed to get pet food and other things I want while I have this supplies shortage? :rolleyes::mad:

Please delete this. I think I know what the problem is.
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I'm sure they haven't changed it. A few tips:
1. Make sure you keep up with neighbourly help, so you get some supplies from returned visits.
2. Use Power of Provision spells.
3. Keep up with the quests.
4. Make more workshops and level them up.
5. Ease up on fighting in the tournaments (troops need supplies).
6. Keep away from the Spire (it eats supplies in negotiations, and eats troops in fights).
7. Make supply instants in the Magic Academy, and aim for them in events.


Thanks Julian, I do all those but I haven't checked the quests for a few days. I came back to say that I've been doing the quests and my supplies are looking a lot healthier! I tend to forget about them so thanks for reminding me. I had to hit the tournament hard this week because I needed Elixir relics for CCs.

Tesla I think I need more culture, although I never thought it makes that much of a difference to supplies. The trouble is that I don't have enough supplies to build a garden of harmony or something.
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@PeaceLillies, do you already have Dwarves settlement? I have a city in Dwarves and at first I was in big troubles with supplies too. Then I realized that cycling through “declinable” quests gives me more than enough supplies in this chapter. There are quests for copper productions (they ask for 6x 3 hours production; and 2x 9 hours productions - that one is great in the morning and you can fulfill it several times). And you can build few workshops at level 1 to run 3 hours productions for the “collect 200k coins and 2x 3h production from workshop” quest. And there are other suitable quests that give you coins and supplies for actions you perform on regular basis.

It’s significant more clicking (not that bad if you play in the mobile app), but it will solve your problems without increasing culture.

Note that it’s only temporary solution. During Fairies it’s better to make the transition from cycling quests to workshops (+wonders) production. It’s because the quests rewards stop scaling afterwards and you will make all that clicking for diminishing returns. In my more advanced cities I don’t even touch the cycling quests.


I have spent most of my Elvenar time struggling for supplies. It is the way of things. The trick is to find a good balance, but if they are plentiful then perhaps it is not efficient either.

There are lots of solutions already stated, but what I try to do continually is regulate my supplies with Ancient Wonders. AWs like Tome of Secrets, Prosperity Towers and Endless Excavation should always be present. They all give better supplies outputs than your workshops. If I start to struggle with supplies then I think I need to do another round of upgrading one or all three of those.


Mind you, I am in Woodelves and I know this will likely not be true for much higher chapters BUT: I feel that one particular recyclable quest is often neglected too early: "Our Taxes" (produce advanced tool x2, gain X gold). Yes, most recyclable quests have diminishing returns from maybe dwarfs or fairies onward but this one I feel holds up really well.

First, its easy to achieve several times during each production cycle. I keep 6 Level 1 Workshops explicitly dedicated to this quest somewhere in a corner of my city that do nothing else than make advanced tools. Since I do 3h production cycles most of the time I can run through this quest 3 times every three hour. Residences and AW provide more than enough gold to maintain at least 3 instances of the quest each time.

Second, the reward is comparatively good. In Fairies/Orcs/Woodelves the quest gives 13K supplies, which is better than any other recyclable quest. Its basically the output of a Level 5 Prosperity tower or the equivalent of a 9h production of a fully upgraded WS at 170% culture.

With this quest I'm easily able to double my WS output (6 fully upgraded at 170%) every three hours, more if I have enough gold to use my regular workshops for additional quests as well.

Granted, its a major PITA to cycle through the whole quest wheel several times every 3 hours. Mobile is a lot easier for that than desktop. But if you have a bit of inherent masochism (like me), this quest is great to keep supplies up.