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Question Stream error


Hi, I am having huge problems with connection to the game - I only get a window of between 1-5 minutes before I get 'stream error' and have to refresh! I have tried everything - updating my windows, scanning for threats, cleaning the system, optimizing - then the same with my phone (which is my modem via 'hotspot'!! I'm at my wits end!! How do I uninstall and reinstall without losing all of my data and going back to the start of the game? HELP! thanks pepper16


Stream error is related to a poor internet connection. This game needs a near-constant connection. This suggests you are cutting out to me. Someone more technically minded may have further suggestions.


I think the 'stream error' message is often a sign of a problem on Inno's side too, though I haven't been getting it recently.


Thanks everyone - have raised a ticket, as have a few of the other Aussie fellows in my fellowship! It seems to be behaving itself ATM! I agree it seems the game is at fault - a visit to my computer technician confirmed this!