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Storytime - Tell us of your city

What kinda city would you say you are building?

  • Evil focusing only on my troops and war!

  • Evil focusing on trading where I benefit the most.

  • Neither good nor bad but I want troops, Troops, TROOPS!!!

  • Both... We all have our sinners and our saints...

  • Neither good nor bad and I'll get rich with my trading skills.

  • Good Focusing only on fair trading.

  • Good Focusing on my troops to defend me, others or attack those who have hurt others.

  • None of the above...

Results are only viewable after voting.


(Story-time tell me a story of your city; here is mine...)


The city of Enthes

Enthes was founded by the Lunar clan, an ancient elven family who passed on it's city through generations; I am storyteller Sora & this... Is the story of Enthes the moving city.

Enthes was built near an old cave known as the magic cave, little did they know the cave was dormant; the more magic that was used in the city the more the cave started to awaken, the magic in the old cave soon awoke and as it always had when awoken it moved taking the city of Enthes with it...
Much of the city broke and they were now forced to rebuild in this new land called, Elvenar...

Irori Lunarflame descendant of the Lunar clan and founder of the Lunarflame fellowship, Iro is one of the last living of the Lunar clan and it is soon time for him to pass on the reign as I ones did to one of his children; since he knew he'd be bored he decided to found a fellowship.

Irori is an archmage, master of defence and healing; he despises war and will do everything in his power to keep his friends safe. As his grandmother I am proud but also very worried, often he has gone to the magical cave for meditation and gathering of more power; true his visits to the cave keeps it weak and prevents us from being forcefully teleported ones more, but I worry that the power will one day affect his mind.

I have informed his husband and his children to keep a watchful eye but we can't help but be worried, though my power still remain I soon will no longer be able to contain my grandsons powers...
Perhaps you're wondering where his parents went... Truthfully we do not know, like the city not many survived the cave's untamed and merciless teleportation left only the strongest; what happened to my dear daughter and the others I do not dear even think of...

I was able to recreate an image of Enthes founder thought you might like to see her, her first name is sadly long lost but some say she may have been named after the planet itself Tellus Lunarflame, but I don't know for sure just rumors among us elders.


I wish there was more I could share, but I'll keep looking; with the current trade fests taking place trying to find answers lost to history will take time. Stay safe and happy...

~ To be continued... ~
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Long ago before they arrived in Elvenar my ancestors were
fighting a 1000 year war against the warriors of the mist and the darkness,
in the land of the forgotten souls to the east of Gindaroth, our old home.
Our warriors although vastly outnumbered fought bravely many a fierce battle and won many of them,
but the enemy evil and twisted and hungry for our blood and our lands made a pact with the fierce dragons of the land,
they gave the dragons gold and jewels which the dragons desired more than anything, they
also promised the dragons they would each eat their fill of human sacrifices
which would be anyone captured and then staked out in the open for the dragons to claim,
all the dragons had to do was burn our villages, towns and cities bringing our people out into the open for the slaughter.

The elders decided although our armies of brave warriors had fought long hard battles and never once
backed down to the enemy, might even win this war, but it was the dragons entering into this war against
us that made it an impossible fight to win, so they ordered ships to be built enough for all in our people and
fill them with provisions to hold us until a new land could be found to call home.

Six years after the elders gave their order to move, huge forests had fallen to provide the timber needed to build the 8000 ships required and each one laden with food and water was ready to depart our home lands. As the sun rose one summer morning the army escorted everyone to the waiting ships and as soon as the last were aboard, the order was given and the ships sailed out into the open sea and they sailed with the winds heading away as fast as they could
not knowing where they were headed but that didn't matter as long as it was away from the land of the forgotten souls.

At first everything was going well, the people were calm and even seemed excited about finding their new home, but it didn't last. Three nights into the voyage the dragons came, they attacked the ships and although the archers killed many a dragon, by morning almost 1000 ships and all souls on them were lost.

The slaughter continued, each night the dragons would come again, this went on for several nights and didn't stop until they were out of the flying range of the mighty dragons. 2000 ships were all that escaped the carnage. 2 months later land was spotted to the west and the ships turned towards it.

They spotted a natural harbour with high cliffs to the back and on both sides and decided this would be a good spot to land and explore. It was perfect, there was a natural path that took them from the beach to the top of the cliffs where they found land big enough to build their new city with many acres of good soil for farming and huge vast forests on 3 sides to provide timber and protection, fresh water was provided by natural springs and after scouts had been sent out to check the land beyond the forests, several days later the scouts returned with a report that showed they had seen no sign of any other people in days, so the order was given, " build" the woodsmen felled trees and the carpenters cut the timbers, the stone cutters started to quarry huge amounts of stone and before long the city was growing around them. 300 years have passed, our city is still growing and the population increasing, our army is now growing in size and strength and will be prepared if in the event we are faced with another war, but we would prefer to trade and get along with any who happen our way.

footnote: for now the name and location of our city is kept a closely guarded secret, for if word of our location ever got out the dragons might come and this new land we call home could soon become another land of lost souls.
Scout report update:
Some of our scouts returned during the night, they report a meeting with a band of people calling themselves Elves and being they had never seen any humans before they seemed to have no fear of us and told that this land is theirs called Elvenar and for now we were welcome here as long as
we didn't do anything they would consider a threat to them or their land, we may even be able to trade with them, they also talked of Dragons that roam the lands to the east and north and warned us against traveling too far and being discovered by them. Our scouts finished their report and headed away for a good nights sleep. I will meet with our elders later today and inform them of the meeting with the Elves and suggest to them we do as they bid.. for now.
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