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Closed | Archived Storyline Quests from Elementals vanished from app


Since the "Deliver 20000 Elven Tree Gum" appeared on PC side, I stopped getting them on smartphone...
The danger, If I stayed playing on smartphone would have been to remove the settlement, thinking I reached the end... :(


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Quests which require things that are not yet included in the app, do not show in the app.
As the app is still relatively new, and these quests appear later in the game, it is not expected that those who play solely on the app will have reached them.


I can't see the link between playing through the app (that is linked to me to the fact that my PC stays at home but not me) and the progresses I made in the game... :rolleyes: Some people can also go on holidays or have their Internet down for a long time (my case), even when they reached the last chapter... :p

I also don't think usefull to hide the quests you can't complete through the app because something isn't yet developed for it : If you see a quest you can't complete through the app, you know it's time to swap to (or find a) PC for a while (if you have one) and won't destroy your settlement thinking you ended the storyline for this chapter (what I thought and that I was close to do !!!) :eek:...my opinion.

But thanks for replying anyway, I'm glad to know this was intended this way (even if it's another bad idea imo) and not a bug or the need to buy a new smartphone to sustain the growing of the app version... ;)

"not-a-bug" unsolved but explained :D
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