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I've watched the 5 Year Anniversary video today and I found it a bit funny to ask the staff members who their favourite characters are as the game doesn't truly have characters. Just same avatars with some text to it.

I think the game could benefit from an actual storyline. Actually, to be more precise, from a more involved storyline than the current one.
And you can even go in a direction like Dark Souls, with little snippets of information that actually get you to think. Currently the description to buildings is quite generic.

I would get quite enthralled with the game if there would be more a story to it. And more inclined to stick with it to find out what happens next.

That being said, I do enjoy the game a little bit for what it is. Mostly because of the interesting design for buildings.


I have never paid any attention to the Elvenar storyline. Mostly because I don't see it as a storyline at all. Just a list of quests and occasionally a bit of text pops up in a speech bubble which I don't even read anymore as it seems like a collection of arbitrary statements to me.

I'm not the sort of person to skip over things when playing games as a rule. If I'm playing a console game I won't ever skip over cut scenes as some do, as I want to get the whole story experience.

I don't get any sense of that with Elvenar though. There is an app only game I've been playing where you have to terraform planets. It's not an action game. You make a series of decisions tactically about measures to implement to change the planet's condition, etc. There are no graphics other than seeing a satellite's view of the planet slowly orbiting so you can tell when seas appear, etc.

Sorry, I feel like I'm digressing. The reason I'm describing all this is there comes a point when you've succeeded and the game jumps to a cut scene where you can see things all in a bit more glory for a minute... and I thought, wouldn't it be great if Elvenar was able to do that at the end of a chapter, i.e. suddenly jump to a cut scene which has a camera sweeping along your street with vistas of buildings you've recently placed and developed, all at a much higher graphical level than the normal game.

I know, this is pie in the sky stuff and would probably need a whole new Inno department they were willing to invest in. Nonetheless, though, this is the kind of level I would need to get me interested in an ongoing storyline. Not an occasional 2D cartoon with a speech bubble. I'm not complaining that all this isn't there, but I would rather they just removed the stuff they have already and I'm happy just playing the game.


For me, a good story can help to densen the atmosphere, to drag the player deeper into the game. I would not need video scenes for that (although I'd love that too).
Currently, we have some bits of a story to the chapters, but not enough to keep players interested. Missed oportunity, I guess.
Even then, I try to enjoy whatever little story there is, but please dear devs, do not make me pay again 500k mana + 50k seeds for a handful of sentences. You could lose your last chapter-story reader.


Not a speech bubble reader here, btw took me at least 10 chapters to figure out it was supposed to be a story... I always thought it was a random text to go with the quest, just kind of like a filler...
I have to admit that quest rewards have gotten better in the last few chapters. I skipped most of them in earlier chapters when it was only gold/supplies, but now one can get interesting things from them :)
My favorite quest is still the amuni one deliver 20k seeds, get 1 gold coin :D Shows the devs have a sense of humor! Made me laugh! It is the only quest I remember...


Not a speech bubble reader here, btw took me at least 10 chapters to figure out it was supposed to be a story... I always thought it was a random text to go with the quest, just kind of like a filler...
I still thought that's what it is.