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Tel Shadow

Hello all and the Elvenar team,

I'm a long time player returning to the game, as im very happy with whats been added to the game in its present state i have one question, will their be a system in place which lets you add your buildings into a storage menu, because if you think about it with all the new buildings coming out which are apart of events along side chapters we would be selling buildings we love or quitting the game due to no space because we dont want to sell an event building..

Thank you all for reading and or responding, And im also aware back in the day when i played this was asked a lot and requested.

Have a good day all.


There already is. You can get teleport spells from the Spire and use them to teleport most buildings to your inventory. Aws, Expiring and Evolving buildings cannot be teleported (I think Guest Race buildings can't be teleported as well, but I'm not sure).

Tel Shadow

Ahh thats good, then thank you, I remember it being a problem since back then people looked at forge of empires since they have the whole storage thing, But it makes me happy knowing its some what of a thing.

Thank you ShadowBlack