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Lady Monica

Lords & Ladys of Avallone are recruiting

Who are we ?

We are Lords & Ladys of Avallone (formally Protea Lords) currently ranked 27 in the world. With your help we can reach even further. We are a 10 chest plus fellowship every week (consistently over 52 weeks) , which means a lovely blue print to upgrade magic residences,workshops. We started back in 2016 and are going strong, Our turnover is low as most people are happy with the team.

What are our requirements?

Enjoyment of the game is paramount but of course we have a few rules. To join have at least 20K, or be able to do 600 points in the tournament each week. Fellowship adventures (last time 98% joined in) and the spire are optional. Being able to visit at least 4 times a week. Of course if away let the team know.

How can you help me?

With a large fellowship we can help you grow quicker with trades, fellowship, blueprints and lots of tips to help you with your city. We are at free 10 knowledge points with perks and now we are working on the spire and tournaments. We have high ranking mages and fellows to help you with aspects of the game.

What else do you do?

We have a kp swaps for ancient wonders which will help you upgrade a lot quicker.

Any questions? Send an email to Lenore for any enquiries EN2 server :)
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