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Question Stash Outpost?


This building in the store says that we'll get an extra stash for every event item we collect from the outskirts from out city. An unnamed event, it doesn't specifically say that it the bonus last during the Air Traders' Voyage only. It has 400 culture and fills 2x2 squares.

Yet, it still has "expires in 28 days" countdown.

Does this all mean that it'll work for any event and the "expires in"... counter will be reset when the next event first arrives?


As far as I know, it only last for 1 event, or rather 28 days. They give the same building for every event so maybe that's why it was phrased in a more generic way and not specified it was for the Air Traders Voyage specifically.


Yep, just for one event. Personally I think it's kind of taking advantage to ask people to pay a premium for a building that has no use in 20 days time.

I won't buy any of these unless a) we sometime have a really good event again or b) They start giving these stash outposts some permanent benefit.


They should change them so they are worthwhile to keep after they've stopped giving out event goods.


If they had a useful population, people might complain less, it would of course still become useless over time like any other event building. Anyway, never bought one, doubt I ever will, pop or no pop.