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User Interface Split Notifications


I think this affects most players in the game, but perhaps more so for the end game players. When I give NH to my fellowship, then to others in my locale, if I have put up some trades, (and now i have 6 tiers of trades possible), i am finding that in one day I lose the players the reciprocated NH as I have too many notifications.
Can we have 2 notification lists, one for goods trades and one for everything else please. I suppose doubling the amount of the messages would help as well, but i would prefer to have 2 lists of notifications.


Yes, that would be a nice enhancement to the notification tool. And the code already exists at Inno...it is a feature available in Forge of Empires (FoE), but it is provided all in one queue. They give their users about 4-6 days of notifications and provide optional filters to limit the output for specific types of notifications, e.g. Neighborly Help, Trades, Guild Member entries/exits, etc... (plus others).