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Spire of Eternity


add my name to the "waste of troops, res, time" list ...not for me


I've given up on it. It needs a serious rethink.


I think the spire has potential, but with how expensive it is, it's just not worth the effort.
it does! 3 waves of combat and a new method of negotiating are great ideas. it will be even better if they make it 2 player co-op, like i think they intend on doing. they just need to adjust the cost vs. rewards ratio. of course the cheater cities w/ multiple accounts throw the curve off for the rest of us. so they needed to make it more costly so it wouldn't be too easy for these people.


it does! 3 waves of combat and a new method of negotiating are great ideas. it will be even better if they make it 2 player co-op, like i think they intend on doing. they just need to adjust the cost vs. rewards ratio. of course the cheater cities w/ multiple accounts throw the curve off for the rest of us. so they needed to make it more costly so it wouldn't be too easy for these people.

Uhm, alternatively they could of course do something about the cheaters.


In my opinion, the Spire costs way too much in troops, goods and coins, the chests are not worth it and the cost is way over the top to convince and if you run out of diamonds, you need to purchase more or you have to start all over again, which is an exorbitant amount of everything, sadly, it is a complete and utter waste.


I did auto fights through the first gate without too much loss of troops. I lost after the first battle after the first gate, and I didn't want to spend troops I need for the tourney. I haven't tried the diplomacy thing yet. Overall it's not bad rewards through the first gate. It's not the most exciting thing ever, but it's not terrible.
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If you win well with the fights, the losses are still HUGE, because of the INSANE starting squad size, my starting squad size is over 12k troops, so a small loss in the fight is a loss of entire squads, not just a few units like in the tournament. That is if I can say for example put in 5 Priests, that would be 25-30 normal size units of Priests, so losing 2 would be losing 10-12 squads. :(


Everything said here so far is the same that has been said on the beta forum although i admit i have not finished reading that thread yet (40+ pages). The squad sizes for the spire have been reduced by around 20% for both sides due to feedback but that seems to be the only change that has been made before the spire came to live. There is a post by a player that has finished constructs so has no use for all thier goods and coins etc and they said that even they can not sustain the negotiating costs. I have already said i will not be doing the spire because of the insane costs in troops and goods and i am standing by that unless the prizes are greatly improved so that they match the huge costs.


Give me a proton pack(ghostbusters weapon),and I will easily "convince" the ghosts to accept anything I want:p


The negotiation game seems to disproportionally depend on luck first, and on your ability and willingness to spend diamonds on this variation of a slot machine. I really dislike that more often than not you have to buy your way to even get to the point where the number of options left makes it possible to solve the riddle by logical thinking. I pushed through it this time regardless of cost because it was new and I wanted to see the end of it. I won enough diamonds on my way up to somewhat cut those losses. But this is definitely not something I'd do every week, not with the relatively small gains, the tourney happening, possibly a quest asking for a gazillion provinces to be completed in a row... Hopefully, there will be adaptations based on the player feedback. I just don't get why the "endless" spire ends and restarts each week. Why not make it - as the name suggests - a truly endless maze of challenges of all types, not just the two that we know from the tourneys? Why not introduce - like in the fa - choices between different doors, making it a little more exciting to proceed. Also, I find the battles way too hard to win. Looks like without an active firebird and some extra unit boosts you need not even bother trying.


No, not good. The rewards/effort ratio is crazy. And all the rewards are chance based. Yuck.

My Amuni city won’t even finish the second level. 7 options for negotiating in 3 turns? Seriously? Fight with 7897 squad size? Kidding, right? How many real squads would I lose in 3 waves especially since my units would be light melee, lol!
FCAA745E-61FD-4130-A8BC-E1465494B91D.jpeg 27870B4F-DB9E-4603-A0AD-E7F6DE54FFF3.jpeg

My S&D city got lucky in negotiation and got into the third level. Then I looked there, had a good laugh and will ignore the Spire until Sunday.

Conclusion: I’ll probably play the first level every week. Not sure about the last group there. But nothing more. And no spending diamonds.


Master of the Elements
I won't even play the first level on following occasions if it's like this. It's all very nice to win little handfuls of minor time boosters and spell fragments if that's free stuff like in the Craftsman Challenge. However this stuff isn't free so it would have to cost a tiny tiny amount in troops or goods to make it worth doing.... for me it would need to cost less than 10% of what it does now - maybe 5%. For anything slightly more intruiging like the decent looking set buildings, even if you play all the way through it's only going to give you that small percentage chance of winning one.

It really surprises me that this made it from Beta testing to Live with only a nominal 20% squad size reduction. If they reduced it a further 20% I still wouldn't play it next time.


It would be nice to hear from the devs as to why the squad size and resource amounts need to be so high for such pitiful rewards but i know that will never happen.


A pitiful ending!

Final spire.jpg

There is no inscription. No words for the final. Probably because the hosts of Inno Games do not expect you to reappear here.
After boss # 3 goes about his business, you stand in an empty and ugly place - just like a prisoner.
You do not know what to do next - whether you are glad you are still alive and some cells in your brain are still working, whether you are tossing yourself from the high tower in the abyss below in despair from the depressing environment, or cursing your stupidity climbing the slippery steps all the way here ...
At least one beer machine was in this sad room.

My curiosity is satisfied.
I got some buildings.
I didn't count how much I spent - as you want to have a beard, you need to have a comb to solve it.
Certainly the reducers of the time required to produce an army for battle do not justify profits. I do not think that with the normal production of an army, and if you do not participate in the tournament, it will be possible to produce the necessary soldiers. Even with combat AWs at 10-15 level.

But let's leave the costs aside.
Leave the rewards aside.
I find no fun.
No sense. And boring.


Dear Humans and Elves,

Please use this thread to discuss the Spire of Eternity that will come to Elvenar on 26 August!

We're looking forward to your feedback. :)

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

Well, the Spire of Eternity seems to be an acquired taste. Much like Haggis. Or that odd rotting shark that smells like pee they eat in Greenland. There is a 40+ page thread in the beta forum that literally reflects everything said in here - and if that didn't change the minds of the product manager I don't know what could. The effort to reward ratio is - whats the technical term? - screwed. Its almost like ordering mail-order brides until you get one who truly loves you.

I mean, you claim and keep claiming that in this game you have a choice to go a trade/resource route or a combat route. That's already barely true for tournaments. The Spire now is just a testament for either how little your product guys care or how utterly clueless they are about the many regular players who despise combat. Even top level players are unable to even remotely negotiate their way to the top, how are normal players supposed to do that?

Yes, yes, I know we don't have to do the Spire, we can entirely ignore it. That's fine, and I guess a lot of players will do just that. But do you know what happens to products that keep adding features for just a particular subset of users? The guys at Novell can give you a hint

Personally for me the Spire is just a middle finger sticking out of a lake. Went in, did three encounters, laughed heartily, ignored it since.

One more thing: I wouldn't be surprised if the Spire puts a lot of stress on some FS. When the top tournament players reduce their scores to the tournament because they want to do at least a little bit of Spire and don't have the troops to do both. Which is a really brilliant way to screw up the one thing that holds this game together.
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I finished the first level and won't be going any further than this. I only did diplomacy as I don't make enough troops for the tourney let alone for these huge squad sizes.

Initially this "mastermind" game seemed like a very nice new idea but that was only until I realised that once you've done the first few chests it becomes nothing more than lucky guesses. When you have 5 or more gods and you have 3 tries there is no point in doing it. It would be great if it was at least 70% logic/strategy and 30% luck, this way it feels like doing Slots in a casino.

Honestly this game is starting to rely so much on luck that it's drifting very far away from what it was a couple of years ago when I started it. It's a city building game and imo it means it attracted people who love to plan and use logic on how to utilise space and resource and not to gamble them away.

As everyone has already pointed out the amount of goods it takes to do just 1 level is enormous (and why do the ghosts keep the goods that they don't need??) and the prizes are more than underwhelming and not worth it: SF, a few catalysts or small boosters and extremely low chances to get those unique building. Speaking of witch, the library set doesn't seem too bad but the only one worth getting imo is the genie. However even that one is not worth the HUGE costs for a 5% chance to get it.

I don't have a city on Beta but I do lurk on the forum from time to time and I followed the spire thread there. They had the exact same response to it as we do now and the changes made were minimal -small booster instead of supplies and coins and the reduction of squads on both sides by 20%. I really don't understand why take it to the live servers when it was clear from Beta it wouldn't be received well the way it is.

I'll wrap this up by quoting a friend of mine, who is also a long time player but not active on the forum, because it sums up what I think of the Spire in a very eloquent (and graphic) way: "I'd rather grind my eyes with bleach and sandpaper, while impaled on a red hot poker, than ever go up the stairs of that con tower again" :D


I think that the only way the devs will change it is if no one uses it. If players were to boycot the spire then the devs would have to a) reduce the costs in troops and resources b) make the rewards worth the cost or c) just scrap it. The unfortunate thing is that players will not boycot it, ok some will but a large number will complain about the losses of troops and resources but still do it each week and some of them will probably spend diamonds to get those poor rewards and as long as that happens the devs will ignore the feedback and keep it the way it is. This is just my personal thoughts about it, maybe time will show if i am right or not.

Edit..beta have had the spire for something like 2 months now and players are still complaining about it but still doing it each week.