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Other Spire Of Eternity - Suggestion


Dear Elvenar community,
I have a little suggestion, a little tweak, for our Spire Of Eternity that I think would give courage to more players actually try their luck in SoE as many of them just give up (in my experience) after first Lvl. And I am not surprised because very often, on higher levels, it's nothing else but luck. And you need like A LOT OF LUCK! It's very easy to just spends 100k and 100k of material with no progress.

The suggestion is that if we guess the material correctly at one spirit and not any other spirit requires that material, it should become unavailable to use it. Because now, it is that even if you guess it correctly, it still shows you to use that material for other spirits and so you get to the last 3rd try and you still have 4 spirits to guess and 5-6 sources to use.

I really think that it would improve SoE and encourage players to actually try and progress higher. And I really think it won't make it "ridiculously" easy. It will still be challenging. Just a bit more encouraging.

Now I am not coming with this idea out of nowhere. I am a big fan of Inno Games and it's actually another game from InnoGames Developers (Lost Survivors) that uses it and I feel like people are much more willing to try it.

Thank you


Hello Argi. I’m not sure if I am understanding you correctly, but I think you are talking about resources that none of the spirits need.

My experience has been that the spirits give you one of three answers.
1. Your guess was correct and your gift is taken.
2. Your guess was incorrect but spirit tells you resource is needed by another spirit
3. Your guess was incorrect and spirit tells you none of the spirits need that resource.

Resources from answer 3 are blocked so can’t be used in next round.

Resources from answers 1 and 2 will be available to offer to spirits in next round and you will again receive one of the three answers above.

Hopefully after answers from second round you will know what resources the remaining spirits need but if too many choices are still available it may be better to cancel third round and try again from the beginning.

Sir Derf

@ArgiTheStar 's issue is that in the current game, and as you've described it, while incorrect guesses (2 & 3 in your above) give you information about the remaining unsatisfied spirits (whether at least one other spirit still needs it (2) or no other spirit still needs it (3)), a correct guess (1) does not. If you correctly offered Marble to the only Spirit that wanted Marble, and only to that Spirit, you are not informed that none of the other Spirits want Marble, and are thus enticed to offer pointless additional Marble next round.

They could make the change. They might not. If the rewards/gifts of the Spire chests are too cheap to get, players will too easily accumulate more than they can use. Remember, they make money by diamond sales, so dangling shiny things just out of reach is exactly what they want to do.

Best I can say is, keep playing. The more you play, the more you will gradually win. Whether that 'keep playing' is focusing production and spending of resources on being able to go further in the Spire each week, or just taking the longer term view and playing some of the Spire each week, that's up to you.


Little bit off topic above......but I really think the moonstone library set should be added into the six week rotation. I know it appeared briefly for 1 week as I was lucky enough to get a library but I love that set and I'm sure I'm not the only one. It's rewards are great esp. as just upgraded some of my gum trees to get seeds. However to upgrade all to my present chapter is too much especially as I'm just about to move on to Alumni, the artefacts are great although I do have a lot I'll never use but I do think it would be brilliant to have 6 weeks of moonstone library as well.


Please no more Moonstone Libraries. The global scrolls surplus is still an issue. At least it is for me. I have been able to get a couple of scrolls trades taken recently. It is very rare that I see any fair trades asking for scrolls though.


I believe the 1-week appearance was a bug, so was not intentional, and does not reflect any likelihood that it will be repeated
Definitely a bug then, but if they fix the productions, it might be also coming back to the spire as they won´t cause more scroll issues in the future. Although I have to admit it has always been a very strong building and with the fixed production it is only becoming stronger...