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Question Spire and Fire Phoenix

Master Arthur

Thank You @AstralSoul I missed my Needles regarding Light Range Boost. As for Troop Health I just used a UUU, together with other boasts and was very successful, not only fighting for 10 chests in the tournament but as these have a good over-run of time managed to complete the first stage of a new Spire. So everything is not all doom and gloom without a level 10 Fire Phoenix. The game is still friendly, relaxing and fun to play.

Master Arthur

Just as an aside. Would it be possible to allocate the time available for all and the same for eg Dwarven Amorer, UUU, Mage Multiplier and Enlighten Light Range to say a full 7 days. This would certainly help those players like me, who build these at the start of a tournament. I have recently found that the extended time, after the tournament has finished, of these being very helpful in fighting provinces and completing the first stage of a the spire. Wishful thinking???


You could build the expiring buildings when you start your second tournament round. Then you'd get an extra day using them in the Spire.


@Silmaril It was for @Master Arthur who said there is no light range power AW.

But yeah, I am considering leveling up to level 31, I am just counting diamonds, and thinking about it, but made the numbers, and the 4% is worth.

After 172 hours of constant production, you will get back the 5734 diamonds (I did numbers with 6K) worth in "faster time" at generating troops.

I like to put everything down to base true diamond price, including time, or a spell. If you calculate this with the buildings, some buildings are worth thousands of diamonds over time.