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Spiera Kallipygos: Are you invested in becoming callipygian?

David had one, but Venus owned it. Queen sang an anthem about it. That's right, we're talking beautiful. shapely. buttocks. While David and Venus literally had rock-hard derrières carved from the finest marble of their day, Spiera Kallipygos forged their glutes of steel from climbing the 22 sets of stairs uprearing towards the heavens that is...The Spire of Eternity <lightning effects>...because up in the skies guarded by a weird looking robot lies the game's greatest booty—150 :diamond::diamond::diamond: a week!

Spiera Kallipygos is looking for SILK and GEMS boosted candidates who can finish the Spire OR want to learn the Way of the Callipygian Climbers. Our core is a veteran group of callipygian commandos that can summit the Spire out to build a Gold Spire FS from scratch, so don’t let the baby diaper cities fool you! Our fellowship is only 4 weeks old, but we've reached 9th chest and Silver Spire already with a group of mostly Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 cities (we do a lot of teaching and guiding). We're only 4k shy of 10th chest/blueprint! Must be eager to learn, enthusiastic, have a sense of humor, and highly active to become an acolyte. Beginners are welcome, but must eventually be able to asspire to diamond greatness on your own or be left...behind. The gluteus maximus does not tone itself with you sitting around! We play as a team. Solo artists need not apply. Are you invested in becoming callipygian? Well, get off your keister and apply! (That's the last pun about buns, we swear.) Contact schadenfreude if interested with subject line: NO LOLLYGAGGERS!™

We're a startup so we can only offer you promises of diamonds, meaningless stock options, and free culture boost from references to Hellenistic and Renaissance art at this time, but we make up for it with a winning personality.
We've had a flurry of new recruits, but still got 3 spots left for any Spire climbers that like to workout their glutes in the finest SILK robes!
Real life happenings have claimed a few members and forced them to skip out on leg days. We've got a few openings for anyone asspiring to climb the Spire to the very top. We finished #16th in the Spire this week and are about 250pts away from Gold. We're now a 10th chest fellowship too! We do a lot of guiding and answering questions so it's a good place for beginners so long as you're actually around enough for us to teach you the ropes. We play a very competitive team-oriented style. It's a fun international crew with members covering 4 continents!
Alright peoples. We're doing our first Gold push next week. We've got spot for 3 more Spire climbers. Anyone want to join our stairs workout, message me in game!