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Question Spending real money buying diamonds, best value/profit packs and event currency


It's been a while and I have gathered some questions mostly related to spending real money in Elvenar and getting best profit out of it:

  • How often does the +200% diamonds on every buy happens? So far I had it only once and after that there were at least 2 +50% and one +100% but after almost half a year of waiting.
Default value of diamonds(at least what I get) is 500 diamonds for 4.99€. The rest counts from there adding bonus for bigger buys. +50%, +100% and +200% add value to the diamonds with default bonus. Calculations for +50% and +200% are based on screenshots from +100% that I have saved.

Diamonds w/o bonuses 500999200050008029100001500020000
With default bonus01100(+10%)2400(+20%)6500(+30%)11000(+37%)14000(+40%)22200(+48%)30000(+50%)

  • What packs for events or other types of pack you would recommend? My recommendation is if you hunt for Blueprints or Royal Restorations to get "Sorcerers magic upgrade pack" and always get the Blueprint. If you need the RR exchange BP in MA and get an additional value from that.
Blueprints cost 300 diamonds.
Lets assume that you can get 1 blueprints once a day. The pack works 10 days so 10 blueprints (12 if you are a robot 24h*10days/20h_production).
10 BP=3000 Diamonds but the pack has the same cost as 2400 diamonds. 3000>2400. Applying the math you get BP for 240 diamonds.

Also if you remember Sell out (do not recall the name) "gifted" Blueprint for 270 diamonds a piece 270 and 270>240. As of now it is the best options for not donating players.

There is also a petty system for those who could not get the last produced item but I do not have any tangible proof except for guesswork and 2 supposedly close calls with having 20h production started when building had 16 hours left and still getting the reward.

  • What is the best event pack? There are 3 as far as I remember:
1. Exchange diamonds for event currency. (always available)​
2. Buy a building for +1 event currency for each time you get it from city outskirts. (available after 2-5 days after the beginning of the event)​
3. Buy diamonds and get additional event currency. (expiring event at the beginning and in the end of the event)​
1. I can't ever remember seeing '+200%'. When necessary I only buy diamonds during the +100% offferings.

2. IMO, I do not think the events offer any prize worth spending diamonds or RL money.

3. Please refer #2

Apart from that, your suggestions seem reasonable for your mode of play. Good luck. :)