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Question Spectral stone in Spires


Just seen this while catering in Spire.
It shows up top, next by your resources.

What's a Spectral Stone? And where do you get it from?

rock stream

It isn't in the Wiki. I wonder if it is related to the announcement that there is going to be an announcement.


I see it only on app. I wonder if the moderators can tell us more as it is not in the description of new exciting features.

Morning Town

It’ll be linked to the announcement about an announcement, that’s not an announcement, that’s not about the leak on the Dutch server, that never happened – oh dear game world gets more like RL


Ooooo, I like to show visuals. Seeing as it is there to see for any user on the EN server, at least, time they start talking about it. Or shall we say it is the mystery of the Spirits …. I strain to hear the whisper ….