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'Sorcerers' Knowledge' questline event - now in Beta


Very nice building, although it will not fit my city (no Knowledge Points), so skipping it will be relieving space wise since its huge. The rewards always are awesome though!


From Marindor in the Forum:
Sorcerer's Knowledge bug and compensation

Dear Humans and Elves,
Today accidentally a change has been introduced with Sorcerer's Knowledge granted for event quests and the daily login bonus. We will do our best to prevent the bug from going to Live, but for Beta it has been decided that instead of putting a lot of time into fixing it here, to leave it as it is and compensate everyone affected with 250 Sorcerer's Knowledge.
Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the confusion caused!
Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


This is the pop-up news window in Beta today. It would appear from this that the decrease in SK from quests, quest milestones and log-in is a glitch, not a deliberate downgrading as has been suggested elsewhere.
This announcement originally appeared in Beta Forum's Changes to Tournaments thread, not the SK thread, with the explanation that somehow the game's re-programming for tournaments had caused this. That is not at all impossible; although I am not a programmer, I discussed this with one of the developers in Hamburg a while back. Different game modules sometimes use lines of programming code from elsewhere in the game - or even borrowed from other games! Game changes are most often made by patching new lines of code into the existing game version. This is by far the cheapest solution, because it requires a lot less programmers' time - though ideally it would be better to rewrite blocks of code rather than patch it.
As it was explained to me, when you patch code, you often come up against The Law of Unexpected Outcomes - another game module that uses some of that code suddenly goes dysfunctional - and that is the reason for quite a few of the game glitches that we see. The more patched a game becomes with time, the more likely something will go wrong.
This could explain how a glitch like this might come to be.

It will be interesting to see if the SK values in the Live version are the same as the ones we recorded in Beta.

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Any chance that one of our fav 3rd party sites (ElvenGems) might be updated soon to include the SK event info? Just wondering.

Sir Derf

I'm guessing that something went wrong with the coding for the recently introduced Pet who's feeding effect adjusts the payout of quest currency.

Prior to that, I would have expected that the code would have been a straight table-lookup into a quest-specific data file. 1-Get number 2-Use number. The introduction of that Pet introduced the middle step of 1.5-Modify number.

I'm assuming that the error was something more than a shifting error, giving Quest 6 payout for Quest 7.

Note: Not a Beta player, not an INNO programmer, so I'm giving an uninformed opinion based on a an uninformed interpretation of an insufficiently described numerical error.


The pessimists among us did get it right this time. The bug on beta was indeed a nerf that was meant to be applied on live servers, but found its way also to beta. In other words the fact it was applied on beta was a bug, the lowering of the rewards wasn’t a bug. Here follows a quote from beta’s moderator:

Marindor said:
Hi guys,

Just FYI: we got confirmation that for Live the balancing will indeed be a bit tighter than it was on Beta. For Live it will be more in line with the balancing for the Easter event.
I was thinking about posting it into the main event thread, because it’s an official information, but it’s still from beta, so here it is ...