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Answered Sorcerers & Dragons


Should I keep my Weeping Willows from the previous chapter to keep producing Mana, or will the new buildings supply enough Mana? Please


Replace with Festival Merchants from Magic Academy. Festival Merchants only make mana until Sorcerers & Dragon's chapter too, and then they make seeds in Halflings. Also look for Burning Pools at Easter time with Phoenix events.


What @schadenfreude said. The weeping willows are good at the time but their per-tile mana production gets overtaken by the festival merchants and lots of other buildings. Some of the small size mana producers are very efficient.
If I remember correctly the willows have quite a high culture value but you'll hit a mana shortage long before you might need extra culture.


Also, there are the Woodelves Habitat and Arcane Library buildings that should be ahead for you in Research soon-ish. Mana is especially crucial for many game items and activities. And it only gets worse as you progress. When you get to it, the Maze of Dark Matter is a great AW building for reducing mana decay.