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Question Sorcerers & Dragons


Can anyone tell me if, once you have finished all the research on the Sorcerers & Dragons and moved on to the Halflings, do you need to keep the Campus and all the faculties or can you "lose" them to make more room for the new section? I seem to have lost my access to the goods that I had in the faculties so was thinking that I did not need them anymore.
I look forward to hearing from anyone on this.


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Thank you @Herodite
I had a post amended by someone as a violation of the rule posted above. My original post was never restored to its previous status nor was I contacted by any staff so I would have to assume that the site I mentioned has offended in some way..
By the way: Elvengems does have 2 ads, they exist to pay for this incredible resource we all enjoy. If they behave badly, please contact us through the links on the site and we will investigate.


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@Blissie Once you get the quest to place the Halflings Portal, you will have no further quests involving the Sorcerors and Dragons Buildings. It will be safe to dispose of them. Any Settlement Goods you have will remain invisibly in your stores (possibly forever). ;)


thank you all for your help and assistance - it is good to know that I have some space to work with now.