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Some ideas


Happy birthday elvenar and all players ♥

For more than a year, I've suggested many things, but I was told to post them here.
Please, no comment because I know what you would say. Just do them.

Some of my suggestions and problems:

1- Most of new rewards are small and don't suit my big or pretty essential buildings - some of them are strange like AW. I put them together like slum, lol-.
2- There is no way to evolve some rewards except artifacts. I have some of them only because i don't have much time to do all quests usually, and the AF became greedy, cheap and unattractive for most players.
Why can't we use diamonds to evolve them or real money?
3- Why is there no spell to increase portal production, barracks units or orcs, yet? like magical manufacturing, etc.
4- No spell for AW. And, why can't I use the time booster to get AW's productions early?
5- Barracks, training ground and mercenary camp should work separately.
6- Sometimes, the tourney and spire are very difficult and not fair. If I miss a week, I'll skip weeks after. Especially, for new players, we really need them. I have a few neighbours, few of them are active. And, there are lots of abandoned cities.
7- I really would like to have amazing city which daze my family and friends - I use the app wherever I go - as I said before, we need lots of players in my worlds. They measure how many accounts and how many players login into the game in a period of time to see how the game is popular-.
Anyways, I need to buy -using real money- a big efficient building which fits my city and attracts others - no one visits my city nowadays, talking about people around me in the real life -. Unique building, and it gives everything, pop, supplies, goods, units, kp, etc. That happened once before, hope every while, but something new every time.

I would suggest that also, upgrade the builder hut to be bigger and different shape like modern architecture that use tech, increase the builders and reduce the time of all.
Maybe, change the colours during the time of the day. I know it's difficult because there are not many programmers or the data of the game
Have some flags in cities show countries, issues, interests etc.
Or, one big statues of the game characters in my city who tell us what to do. WOW, I like the idea of that, they give some info an kps, or answers questions when I ask for help.

Sorry, I notice that now, I should look for another game or design my own game. kidding

Other suggestions, Hospital for troops, and grave for Barbarian. He starts sweating whenever I choose him to fight. And, I think he dies immediately when he sees the enemy, lol. Really, I haven't had him back ever.