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Question Sold Phoenix by mistake


Hello and Help me please...Storm Phoenix, which was evolved to level nine, I think...... Please, bring it back to me! Can that be done? Kind regards


I almost sold the wrong building once or twice. Fortunately the game offers a confirmation dialogue so one can check what the heck they are thinking :)

Sometimes it becomes necessary to tread carefully. For example, selling buildings, and using diamonds to name just two.

Good luck with Support @Shumph. Let us know how you go with that.

Sir Derf

Polite warning - Mods have been touchy in the past about discussing interactions with mods/Tech Support after the fact.


Inno's policy is that they are happy to bring back ONE building that you've accidentally deleted. Therefore, make sure it's an important building that you're bringing back. I'd only ever use it to bring back my fire phoenix.


The problem with that is that if you're sitting there deleting 250 workshops you're on auto-pilot clicking OK to the confirmation dialogue, so by that point it might as well not be there.
Never mind sell a building, I have placed an expansion I did not want to place with auto-pilot clicking.


Master of the Elements
I guess this doesn't affect most people, but I've been annoyed with myself for accidentally deleting a piece of road that I can't rebuild because I no longer have those guest race resources.