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So long and thanks for all the Poo


So I figured I´d write a quick goodbye message which in good old Orc style turned into an epic tale of legends, which then had to be cut down because I ran out of stone slabs to chisel on lol...

So one fall day a good 4 years ago after much campaigning and pillaging a lonely Orc settled down and decided to build a village. He found the undertaking rather entertaining and kept increasing the little village and soon joined up with a neighbour in some obscure and mainly inactive alliance and quickly figured that he wouldn´t be having much fun talking to himself all day long, so after a week or two he made a more strategic effort to find companions who would be more akin to his style. He found a group of mainly small towns that did much better in tourneys and adventures (something the Orc was really interested in seeing happen) than their ranking score predicted. After going on a very successful adventure together finishing in 5th place, the little Orc pointed out that a change in strategy would have resulted in a 3rd place instead of a 5th and got promptly kicked out of the Fellowship for being too competitive. Now if he was too competitive for the FS that should have come 3rd, that leaves only 2 options: The bigger one of the 2 was the Secret Realm, way up in the Top 10 of all FS, with the best tourney scores of them all and having just won the adventure, or a much smaller FS with a weird name, ranked somewhere barely in the Top100, that had nothing much to its name other than the second place of the adventure. The choice is obvious as winning an adventure with the big guys would have been far too easy for an Orc who likes a challenge. Application sent (I love adventures!) and promptly accepted the Orc had become a tiny little baby Swag before even reaching fancy things like guest races and such. As luck would have it the Swags did their first ever 10 chest attempt the week after little Gargon joined and the success hooked him on that topic as well, so he became the official mascot/cheerleader and his career from then on would consist in trying to get the best he could at both tournaments and adventures. And being the chatty Orc he was he couldn´t stop babbling about how to best do that, somehow that made the Swags make the Orc a mage within a couple weeks of joining and there has been ever since for more than 4 years now. The Swags have had many successes and of course just as many hickups on the way to greatness, but from that initial 10 chest tourney success developed quite a few more until one day the Swags decided to just keep doing it every week resulting in an unbroken chain of 10 chests for more than 4 years. The first adventure the Orc undertook under the pink and purple banner was certainly the most exiting nail biter he had ever been part of and ended in a victory over the most amazing FS out there! Now that was a feeling to get used to and the Swags did, winning every single adventure ever since (I believe it is now 18 in a row?) Apologies to Felyndral are in order I guess not letting anyone ever win an Arch in 4 years... Well and just as the Swags got comfy doing 10 chests and winning adventures the gods invented a new challenge: the glorious spire of eternity! Now in the beginning it was only an individual challenge which served to keep people entertained trying to win those exciting genies and Dwarven Armorers and powerful Portal Profit spells, and always liking a challenge the Orc soon become an efficient climber on the spire ladder every week, but the serious fun started when the spire was turned into a team event and the Swags being Swags after looking at this new challenge for a few weeks decided to give it a group effort to see if they could reach the top and so they did and as usual after the first success, just decided to keep going at it every week :) 3 or 4 month later the medals were invented, but by then the spire finish had become a routine exercise for the swags and Swags are the only FS in Felyndral with nothing but gold medals (and a whole bunch of finishes before that). Sometime around there Swags had also become the top FS out there in weekly tourney scores and Swagafythee had become the best of the best in all 3 team competitions in Felyndral. The only thing left to do was to look outside our own little backwater world of Felyndral and compete with all the other elves, humans and others in the universe of elvenar and we made it to a top tourney score of 383k which at the time (and under the new tourney system) had only been surpassed by 2 FS (both on PL1 server).
Speaking of the new tourney system: One can say many bad things about it, but the 1 absolute good thing about it was the new challenge it posed, being much more difficult for the high scoring FS and introducing 9 more chests to the rewards, so there the Swags went off again on a mission to conquer the summit (by many claimed to be unachievable) and of course they did, after a few weeks of prepping for the first time, then occasionally for a while, but about 50 times in the last year :)
And here we are now. All the mountains climbed as often as they can be climbed and no new challenges since the new tourney system started and I suppose that is the main reason for the Orc to retire now. Nothing left to do in any of the arenas he enjoys playing in... and that would ultimately be my only small criticism of a game I have enjoyed playing for years, players that enjoy playing chapters or competing for ranking scores get new content reliably every half year, while the team events see new content very unreliably with years in between innovations. I guess one could count the perks as an innovation, but unfortunately Swagafythee has already outgrown the perks before they even started... and waiting another year or two before the next thing hits is just not a thing this Orc wants to do, so he will now retire and thus end the tyranny of the Orc undefeated ;)

Happy elvenaring all of you!

PS: The Orc may be dead, but a ghost may as well be lingering around various places... At least I don´t intend to be completely gone right away. Just my priorities are now other places, well and honestly have already been for some months now... so let´s just call it continuing to fade away. I just made it more official by passing the AM role on to others and by letting you guys know about it :)


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Elvenar Team
@Gargon667, we will miss this fluffy pink Orc a lot. It will be sad to see you fading away. :oops:


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Elvenar Team
@Gargon667 This makes me feel extremely sad!! Who on earth will take the Orc Mantle now! HERE!! IN MY LITTLE CORNER OF THE ELVENERSE!!

I request, nay DEMAND, that you remain here to entertain me, and others, and pass your Wisdom onto the next generation!!

Please don't leave :( Pretty Please.


Eheu... Sic transit gloria fori Elvenari (if you'll forgive the clumsy and probably not-very-grammatical misquote)...?
Or to put it more colloqially, in the words of the late, great Freddie Mercury : Another one bites the dust.
If it weren't for the reason why I started using the Forum signature you see below, I'd have more to add... but things are as they are, so I'll just say adieu - or is it au revoir? - and in either case, it's been fun bouncing ideas around with you, and I wish you all the best, here or anywhere else! ^_^


It will be a sad day indeed when you go G. Too many familiar faces disappearing. Perhaps it's inevitable. Perhaps it's the state of the game.


Thanks for the kind words dear elves and humans or shall we just make it easier and say tasty morsels? No sorry wrong persona.... ghosts don´t eat, I believe. Last time I had a ghost persona must have been 20 years ago...I have forgotten how to be a ghost...
And in a parallel universe I am currently starting to impersonate a wolf or possibly werewolf character, see how that goes, but certainly also a rather hungry character I think ;)
Anyway I will haunt Felyndral on occasion, just like ghosts do :)


Awww @Gargon667 - really sorry to hear you're going to be leaving us but that's life. I've enjoyed reading your posts and will miss you on the forums, it's been fun.
Good luck and have fun being a werewolf....haha. :)


Good riddance i say... these forums will smell a lot nicer, just make sure to take your dung heap with you. :p


Told you the game would get boring if you skipped new chapters in an effort to offset the punishment in tournaments for actually progressing in the game! :p


I'm sorry to see you go @Gargon667 , I really enjoyed reading your posts and your detailed discussions.

I do agree that it would be good for the game if we had more divers FS actives, even if they were short and non-competitive ones (actually in my case especially if they were short and non-competitive ones :)), just something interesting that makes fellows work on it together.

Good luck with your metamorphoses into a werewolf :)


Told you the game would get boring if you skipped new chapters in an effort to offset the punishment in tournaments for actually progressing in the game! :p

I would counter that I would have quit earlier if I had to go through those boring chapters just to make tourney play worse. As it was, I hang on longer than expected as tourneys at least were easy to do :) If I thought playing chapters would bring the fun back and get me excited about the game I would most certainly do so, alas I do not believe I could get any joy out of playing the chapters, even if I completely gave up on tourneys etc...


Good riddance i say... these forums will smell a lot nicer, just make sure to take your dung heap with you. :p

Sorry to say Orcs don´t travel with Poo, they can always make more wherever they go... But don´t worry it´s biodegradable! Also The most beautiful of all flowers, aptly named the stink-flower, grows wonderfully on old Orc-Poo piles. So whenever you travel past my old haunts, you will be able to enjoy the familiar smell for a long time to come and always be reminded of me :D