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Snow owls set


Is the snow owls set worth upgrading?
I have it since chapter 6,but I kinda like it.Not much space occupied,gives you 3kp's....


It is not worth all the RR spells to upgrade so delete it for space. (My opinion)
The KP can easily be bought daily. I buy 3 a day and so long as you keep the cost below 5% of the full main hall you cannot go wrong.
Also a few Carting Libraries preform much better as do the Monument of AW if KP is all you need.
actually, i forgot i only upgraded 1 of the buildings. add about 500 people and 1000 culture to that. it was 30 squares, not 28 though.


It has one of the few event buildings that gives a decent amount of seeds - the Yeti Santa Factory. Mana-producing event buildings are common but good seeds buildings are not.
Remember you don't have to upgrade all the buildings - the sets work fine if the buildings are at different levels. So if there is one that you particularly want the rewards from you could upgrade just that one to get the higher output from it.


Well,I decided to keep both carnival+owls sets,Lel.Tough to upgrade both,but I think I can do it.It will take sooooome time:D