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Answered Slow Loading


Is anyone else having problems getting the game and the various screens within it to load? Its been going on for days now and its definitely NOT my internet speed as everything else apart from the game loads promptly. The game screen will eventually load and I can get in only then to have problems getting the world map to load, or research screen to load. Most times it will load 23/27 then just stops and sits there grinning at me....damn frustrating and quite frankly I hope someone else is in the same predicament and can share the frustrations with me. Alternatively, does some wise person know of a fix for this before I completely chuck toys out of the pram and do something drastic like step outside and view the real world!

Number One

yes I get the same, today I am doing the silk tourney, I have refreshed the game 4 times as it sticks after a battle and result does not come up, I have had sorry an error has occurred 5 times, all this and I have only got to level 11 of a possible 33, I like you play other games that require far more from the computer than this game with no problems, I have reported this problem in the past and its always there's no problem at our end, unfortunately, my patience is at an end and I am throwing my toys out of the pram and leaving this game behind for pastures new,Good luck to you.


Why has this been marked answered when the only answers are from people agreeing they too are having issues??


How many workshops do you fellows have? I have 59 and it lags, but as FA goes, all these ws will go, that might help with slow loading, they add a lot more lag that it appears to. I never had lag until this event, that in-between races, I added all these ws, and sometimes lags.