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Simultaneous Factory Starts Needed


It would be nice to have a box to check when starting new production runs to start all factories at the same time, the same as you can do with workshops. I have multiple cities with 7-8 boosted factories. It would be such a time saver to be able to start them all simultaneously.


This has been asked for several times in the past.

I agree that it would be beneficial BTW.

Some of the responses have been that WS do not require anything to set, so the synchronized start for WS is easy and logical to program. However, Manus require items to set (and in different amounts based on different structures being at different levels).

However, I still think this would be relatively easy to account for and code around. If the total requirements are not available, for whatever reason, the box could be unavailable, and/or an error message could pop up indicating such. The unavailability feature already exists on an individual basis for each Manu, for each product, since those options grey out if the requirements are not present.


BTW. If you use the mobile version of the game, it is easier to set all your manus since the system ques them up in sequence. You still have to set each one individually. But you do not have to crawl through your entire city to find each individual manu hiding in those back crooks and cranies.

Sir Derf

Answer given while typing... still gonna post.

The response that's been given before, if I remember correctly, was that Workshop production has no precursors and so you can always start Workshops, while Manufactories require Coins and Supplies and such, and so you might not have enough to launch all at once.

I could see this as being an issue if you have not enough for all, but I don't see why this couldn't be locked if not enough, but allowed if all is good.

I'm not sure if the secondary thought of having a mix of Basic and Magical Goods producing Manufactories would be thought of as an issue, as then some Manus would be starting T123 long productions while others starting T456 short productions.


Ask this of the developers when there is another Q&A, perhaps you will get a more direct response. It will be better than some of the other repetitive questions that come up every time.


I understand. But if you have enough supplies in your inventory, I would think they could code for restarting all or even a partial number of them at once.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
We have answered this before to explain the issue that Manufactories would bring.
Please bear in mind that there are 9 Manufactory types, depending on the chapter these can be creating far more than 9 goods, with sentient also coming into play. Many players still have all 9 in their cities.
Varying Manufactory levels within the city also need varying amounts of resources being used.
Currently this allows for the player to make multiple choices on production depending on what resources are needed, this means that the level buildings are at is also chosen individually for their output volumes (resources dependant).
To ask that a programme makes the decisions and would be able to leave out random buildings if you lack the resources, or refuse to do any at all if not enough for each one, would lead to more player annoyance than just simply clicking the small numbers each player has.
The difference with the Workshops is that these require no resources for production, so therefore this aspect does not come in to play.


then, at least to have the same feature we have in App > one type of manufactory to come in a sequence then next and next and next type. This isn't hard to be implemented for PC players.


I think the main culprit are the sentient goods. The same type of factory produces different things on different levels in the same production slot. that is easy enough to understand for a human playing, but it is hell to program in a way that makes everybody happy. There are too many different possibilities, which turns the project into a major investment (in terms of work hours) for very little benefit (what revenue is that supposed to bring in?)
this of course comes from a (not even up to date) dabbler rather than a pro ;) so treat it as an opinion not a fact.

The missing prerequisits I see as no big problem, it could simply grey out the option to start with if you lack the requirements.

For all of you on the browser: LEARN TO USE HOTKEYS! in this case: 1,2,3,4. It is far faster than anything a programmer can whip up in his lunchbreak.