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Show progress on all portions of OR quests

Sir Derf

I like the options in the OR quests, but I think a little more feedback should be given.

I was in the middle of a large Basic, Crafted or Magic Goods quests, having devoted a 3-hour collection and was going to need another 3-hour collection to complete it. However, in the intervening 3 hours, I forgot which good had been partially used. It turns out I had used Crystal, and when I went to continue, I started using Marble, which, as a smaller quantity, did not progress the bar. Once I realized, I added my crystal, which continued and finished the quest. Had I been able to either see that the current progress, from the highest so far donated was crystal, or to see the donated progress from all three types and see that crystal was the furthest, I could have avoided this mistake.

Either labeling the progress xxx/yyy crystal (or Crafted, whatever), or showing multiple progress bars, maybe with the furthest being green and the lower two being blue, this would be a help.

Thank you.


Seconded. I screwed up with Marble and Silk which was doubly painful because two quests later I had another "Produce Goods" quest.

(Also: Is there no word in English for the 'thing after the next thing'?)


I've made this mistake a few times now and would really appreciate some sort of clarification like you're proposing. In previous events there were only a few different OR conditions, so it was reasonably simple to remember which one you were working on, or it was easy to deduce, e.g. complete 4 fights or 12 tournament fights - if the scale said x/4 you'd know it referred to standard fights. Now with 6 or 9 different possibilities with some produce goods quests it's very hard to tell.


The game must know what good it is so it should be easy add the type of good when it changes the amounts, they could just put the image if space is a issue.