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Short History of Spire (and crafting) Rewards

Sir Derf

Trawled through the past announcements...

DateRemovedAdded Base & ArtifactAdded Craftable Artifact
Jan 24, 2021Phoenix
Missing Early March, 2021Stonehenge
Announced Apr 15, 2021StonehengeMermaidsMermaids
May 30, 2021MermaidsBearsStonehenge
July 11, 2021BearGingerbread HouseMermaid
Sep 12, 2021Gingerbread HouseValentine's FloatBear
Oct 24, 2021Valentine's FloatColdfire PhoenixGingerbread House
Dec 5, 2021Coldfire PhoenixFestive May TreeValentine's Float
Jan 15, 2022Valentine's Float (Festive May Tree?)Wise GolemColdfire Phoenix
Feb 27, 2022Wise GolemMoon BearFestive May Tree
Apr 10, 2022Moon BearWitch's HutWise Golem
May 22, 2022Witch's HutWatchful Winter OwlMoon Bear
Jul 3, 2022Watchful Winter OwlEverblossom SleighWitch's Hut
Aug 14, 2022Everblossom SleighAshen PhoenixWatchful Winter Owl
Sep 25, 2022Ashen PhoenixQueen Fairy's RetreatEverblossom Sleigh

Given the pattern, we should have seen the removal of Everblossom Sleigh, the introduction of Ashen Phoenix Base and Artifacts, and the craftability of Watchful Winter Owl Artifacts.

I think the recent announcement was one round too early.

Edit: Corrected with the missing Aug announcement, and with the current Sep announcement as well. Don't know how I missed the announcement, nor how I failed to count the recent calendar correctly...
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Silly Bubbles

It is a bit confusing. I just crafted Golem and Sleigh. I'm not sure about Sleigh but Golem should've been removed from crafting in February.

Sir Derf

Okay, what's going on here?

I haven't been paying attention, to whether reality (what's actually happening in the Tower and Spire) has been matching the announcements. But, as you can see above, there has been a pattern to the announcements, which the most recent announcement broke. Sep 25 was announced to be the removal of Ashen Phoenix from the Spire, despite the past announcements never mentioning Ashen Phoenix as having yet been introduced. Now, another thread has a player bemoaning the removal of the Ashen Phoenix.

I do see that Fairy's Retreat Artifacts are indeed being offered as rewards in my current Spire. So, what happened? @anonglitch ? Anyone? Beuler?


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Leave this with me guys and i'll see if I can get some clarity! :)

Kind Regards


Sir Derf

Can I request a complete description of what is currently rewardable and craftable? And ongoing, can these announcements be reworded for slightly more clarification of what is actually happening?

Take the current announcement, titled "New Rewards for the Spire of Eternity"

On September 25th, the reward dataset for the Spire of Eternity will be adjusted for the next 6 weeks.

  • Ashen Phoenix will be phased out as a possible reward for the Spire of Eternity
  • Queen Fairy's Retreat Artifacts and the craftable building will be phased in instead
  • Everblossom Sleigh Artifacts will also be phased in for crafting

1) This explicitly mentions changes to the Spire, but implicitly also describes changes to the Magic Academy when it mentions crafting.
2) The additions to Crafting (Base in bullet 2, Artifacts in bullet 3) are never explicitly announced as being removed from Crafting.
3) Is it actually correct that there is a 6 week gap between when an Artifact is available in the Spire and when it is available in the MA?


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team

Sir Derf

Updated my original post... Best guess, I somehow compressed Aug and Sep into a single month, so didn't see the glaring gap in my chart.

Sir Derf

Projection into the future...

Add Base & Artifact​
Add Craftable Artifact​
Nov 6, 2022Queen Fairy's RetreatTriumph of the TidesAshen Phoenix
Dec 18, 2022Triumph of the TidesRed Panda MasterQueen Fairy's Retreat
Jan 29, 2023Red Panda MasterWitch Summoning CircleTriumph of the Tides
Mar 12, 2023Witch Summoning CircleBoblin's Express ServiceRed Panda Master
Apr 23, 2023Boblin's Express ServiceEchoes of the ForgottenWitch Summoning Circle
Jun 4, 2023Echoes of the ForgottenTwilight PhoenixBoblin's Express Service
Jul 16, 2023Twilight PhoenixGlower Goblin EpiphanyEchoes of the Forgotten
Aug 27, 2023Flower Goblin EpiphanyGlory of the NimbleTwilight Phoenix
Oct 8, 2023Glory of the NimbleWitty RaccoonFlower Goblin Epiphany
Nov 19, 2023Witty RaccoonGlory of the Nimble
Dec 31, 2023Witty Raccoon

For a chuckle, consider for a moment the typo I almost committed in one of my Boblin's Express Service entries...