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Setting production on multiple manufactories

It would help if it was possible to set multiple manufactories to one specific incubation time with a couple of keystrokes, in the same way we can already do to workshops. It may not be too important during normal play, but particularly in FA many of us have blocks of (T1-triple) manufactories all producing the same badges, often spread around our cities in little crooks and cranies. It surely cannot be difficult arrange as it would just be a copy of the workshop set-up.


I agree that this would be awesome functionality to have.

I believe that a response , in the past, has been that this would be problematic because manus do require resources to build their goods but workshops do not. So, Manus could be caught in the situation where there is not enough gold / supplies to start all the manus at once. Workshops cannot ever be in this situation. However, I don't see the issue here because there could simply be a check built into the code that would provide an standard error message to the user stating this, if the situation occurs.


It's easier if you play on mobile and you can cycle through your manufactories with the little blue arrows at the side so you don't have to go looking for them.


I just wanted to suggest the same. To be honest for a long while. Devs claim they aim at reducing clicking. This is simple and would definitely reduce chores.
@Pauly7 yes, you're right. When I moved to PC I discovered it sucked even more than on mobile. Still on mobile it was already irritating.

THIS, please!


Just want to say that for it being faster on mobile that only depends on how you place buildings.
I have all mine next to each other and using the shortcuts (1 for 3 hrs and 2 for 9hrs)its much quicker on browser to start my manufactures then to go scrolling on mobile.


Yup Yup I agree. How annoying that would be, would it not, if a player is plank, but human, and makes the tier1 shanty town marble to save space and population, then the big factories would be making small quantities of marble instead of moonstone.