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Sentient goods not balanced?


I entered Elementals a few days ago and upgraded my trader to level 3 to be able to trade sentient goods. My sentient good is Elven Tree Gum.
When I tried to trade Tree Gum I noticed the following:

People that are offering Tree Gum: 52 pages
People that are offering Moonstone: 2 pages
People that are offering Platinum: 1 (1 offer, not 1 page)

Now there is something wrong here. Statistically this should be pretty balanced. However it is not. Is there any reason for that? Does Inno have any statistics on this?


Yep, the balance of T4 is messed up because of Spire Library sets. The unfortunate people with a Tree Gum boost often trade with a discount.


Aww honey. I gave a couple of 3 star trades when I started Elementals so folks would know I am a fair trader, and from there I just post 2 stars. I trade tree gum on Winyandor all the time. I rarely ever wait long, either.
I will watch for your trades :)


Thank you @Pauly7 for the explanation.
Thank you @Lelanya for your interest :) I am not a mass producer of Tree Gum yet, sort of producing when I need it. I always place 3-star trades so you won't miss me :)


It kind of depends what it's like on your server. Before placing a batch of Tree Gum trades it can be well worth doing a search for Tree Gum and seeing what the backlog is like. If I do that I can often be looking at about 4 or 5 pages of 3* trades, then another few pages of big 2* trades. In that situation if I was to place a bunch of like for like 5,000 tree gum trades then I could be waiting a long time. If supply is exceeding demand then new 3* trades can be appearing before yours are finding their way to the top.


At least the decay helps. Otherwise Tree Gum would be as bad as scrolls...

I have stopped producing my boosted Platinum and instead produce Tree Gum only. I have no problem getting rid of the Gum.