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Seeking Spire Junkies


An ambitious team of players from top 50 fellowships, who have grown tired of not enjoying the spoils of gold spire glory, have got together to form a team of worthy spire junkies!

Our goal is to enjoy the spectacular view from the highest point in Elvenar … the top of the Spire of Eternity! Look down upon the valleys, across the lakes, and be left breathless by the beauty (not to mention the many steps we climbed to get there).

So, if you’re not willing to skip leg day, and you're determined enough to go for Gold every week, grab your comfy shoes and please join us. But our ambitious goals are not all we have to offer … we also value a good chat, an easy-going outlook, and a friendly smile :)

We are Awakened Mages 2 … contact Wendy. Or Troia … and I’ll see you at the penthouse party!


Good luck!

I always wonder why not more FS are going for gold medals, it´s by far the most profitable endeavor in elvenar :D

Once you start raking in the weekly gold medals your FS will soon overtake the old FS though ;)


thanks Gargon!

Oh, and All size cities welcome … doesn’t take a big city to climb the spire … in fact small cities can run up that spire much quicker than us oldies ;)


I play with Wendy in Arendyll and will vouch she is a great teammate! Wendy never skips leg day! She knows what it takes to go for gold because she has like 30 cities, which is like 90128103481 combined years of elf game experience.