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Seeking Players with Sunset Towers (Arendyll)


I am currently tech locked (in Halflings chapter) and I would like to be able to put my KPs to good use. I am currently looking for player with the Sunset Towers Ancient Wonder for me to contribute toward so that I can go ahead and build up some rune shards in preparation for when I get to the Elementals Chapter. No one else in my fellowship is this far along and I have not discovered anyone else on the world map who has this particular AW. Is there anyone out there with this yet? Help me to help you.



We have a few players who have finished Elementals, two of which have also built the Sunset Towers.
I am currently a few techs away from finishing as well, and will be building this.


Hope you can reach them.

Should it be troublesome, we do have room in our fellowship for an active player ;)