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Seeking Fellowship


-----------------------------------------------///Found a fellowship - No longer searching!///--------------------------------------------

Hello there!

It appears that either the majority of my neighbours have disbanded their settlements (one can't quite call them villages or towns - that would require more then just three buildings), or my people just happen to be working that much faster than everyone else that it seems time has stopped all around me.

Anyhow, this has lead me to seek some allies willing to offer mutual support and perhaps make a few new friends along the way.

Down to the hard facts:
  • I started the game yesterday.
  • As of this posting I am ranked just below the 1500 mark.
  • My boosts are for steel, crystal and elixirs
  • I'm fairly active - usually online at least twice a day
  • I just want to enjoy the game and have fun - no hardcore stuff
That's about all the relevant stuff I can come up with at this late hour. Let me know if you're interested by posting below or sending me a message/invite in-game!

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Thanks to everyone who sent me invites in-game. Found a fellowship so I'm no longer searching! :)