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Seeking 10 chests/weekly Fellowship


Hi peeps,
I am looking to find a FS which achieves 10 chests every week (no "buts", no "maybe") with an equaly share (more or less) of participation of all guildies. I don't want a FS where half are scoring over 2500-3000 while others stay in the comfort zone of some hundred points.

About me: I am done with Amuni, I have atm 427k ranking points. Boosted: Steel, Scrolls, Dust, (sentients Gum, Velvet).
My tourny avg is around 2500 pts. I am a daily player, avid trader and totally inlove with tournaments.


Feel like want me in your FS? Contact me here but preferable in-game.

Best regards,


Hi Alcaro, our FS has got 10 chests every week for the last 8 months.
Please get in contact with our Archmage, as one of our 25 players left, we are ranked 16th and need a new player to fill our FS up to 25 again.
The name of our FS is below

U.F.o Heimdallr-RE...