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Second City, regular participant in spire, tourney & FA


Hi, Canterbury is my second city (I have a city in each of the worlds), it is currently at the wood-elves stage
it's currently ranked 5649. As, I recently lifted a few buildings to fit shanty towns in for the FA.

I am seeking a fellowship that achieves 10 chests in the tourney, am looking to switch over as soon as the current FA is over.
My reason for jumping ship is that I was promised regular blueprints with the Tourney and while the first couple of rounds were great, the team is no longer performing, which is holding my city back.

I'm a regular participant in the spire, tourney, FA & any other events that are offered. And, do as many rounds/levels as I am able to.
I also read messages & the comment feed

I always offer 3-star trades and post in the 'feed' box when I put them up so other team members have the first choice to grab them.
My boosted goods are: MARBLE, CRYSTAL & GEMS

Looking forward to hearing from anyone

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