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Season of Dreams Screensaver


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Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves!

You may have seen the Beautiful Artwork on our recent New Feature" Season of Dreams"


If you so wish you can click and download the following link: https://media.innogamescdn.com/com_ONYX_EN/Forum/season_pass_loading_screen.jpg and use this as a new Screensaver!

(I have.... it's pretty!)

Kind Regards

Your Elvenar Team :)
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Sir Derf

All well and good to have a single image for a screensaver... What about past images? Is there an archive of other images, to allow for a rotating screensaver?


Agreed with @BlueBlou - the [near-unpronounceable!] Kirit & Krarak Event had outstanding artwork and in-game graphics alike; I still remember it well! It happened very early in my own Elvenar days, though, when the final Event Grand Prize (of three) wasn't attainable for free, but although I didn't ever have that one Kirit & Krarak building, I did manage to get the rest of them, and I was very sad to have to delete them, too, once they eventually became outdated, this being before RRs existed. Having a copy of that particular Event's artwork would be a nostalgic treat, certainly for me!

That said, I would also be very pleased if we players could have high-[enough]-quality computer-monitor-sized versions of ALL of the interstitial backdrops/loading screens used during Events, and even some others, like the one here, which are used elsewhere. Making these images available for download would be a really welcome and popular gesture on Inno's behalf, I'm sure! I sometimes try to screenshot at least some of them, just because even a homemade copy is better than none, and digging them out of the game files is both tiresome and also not even possible, in most cases, after the related Event or similar has ended.

Looks like you've [accidentally] started something here, @Herodite - and yes, the image you've posted IS really pretty. I LOVE the colours! :)


Oh, and : I personally also much liked the WoodElvenstock Event artwork. Another fun old classic of days gone by, and also fondly remembered!


Please head over to The Lounge and look for "Elvenar Screensavers"
I'm there the moment I get a free minute! Exciting! :)
As i find them, I will drop them there for you to choose!!
Don't worry, im still hunting!
You're a star, as I probably don't say often enough...! Thank so much, @Herodite - definitely the unofficial Hero[dite] of the Forum Fiends... heh ;)