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Discussion Royal Restoration Spell

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dizzy Lizzie, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Killiak

    Killiak Illusionist

    Aug 4, 2016
    Back to the drawing board
    No rush

    No more news than this.
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  2. Thagdal

    Thagdal Conjurer

    Apr 5, 2018
    Quoting Marindor from beta.
    "proceed with the implementation of this feature that will ultimately enable you to upgrade your summonable event buildings."

    Seeing as blueprints are for upgrading premium buildings and not summonable event buildings, blueprints shouldnt even be a consideration towards summonable event buildings.

    Just give us a royal restoration spell and find something else to do with the blueprints.:confused:
    im sure everyone would be happy to gain RR spells in tournament chests or by any other means for the 1 spell per square.
  3. Pauly7

    Pauly7 Sorcerer

    Sep 20, 2017
  4. LazyTony

    LazyTony Scholar

    Jan 30, 2018

    They pulled the RR spell from beta before Christmas, they are having a rethink before relaunching there. No timetable given so far.
  5. SoggyShorts

    SoggyShorts Enchanter

    Nov 13, 2018
    Would a 10 chest FS now get RR and a BP?
    They need to figure out how to replace the BP fairly with RR before RR can be released.

    There is a possibility of not replacing, but simply adding RR and keeping BP as is, but a) that screws anyone without Magic buildings who has banked BP over the past 2 years, and b)gives far more rewards than we currently get, possibly upsetting the game balance.
  6. Thagdal

    Thagdal Conjurer

    Apr 5, 2018
    Why should they replace a BP that is technically a premium feature?

    As Marindor states, the RR spell is for upgrading summonable event buildings not premium buildings, so having RR spells for everyone to use is for the good of the game, not just 10 chest people, isnt that bringing balance to the game?

    An option to disenchant BP's for fragments and catalysts would be the best way to go, if you dont want to use them as intended.
  7. SoggyShorts

    SoggyShorts Enchanter

    Nov 13, 2018
    Because 2 years ago when the BP was announced the players asked: "what about a use other than magic buildings for free players?"
    And the developers replied "You'll be able to upgrade event buildings with them"
    So a significant number of players worked very hard to create fellowships that could get to 10 chests in the tournament in order to earn BP for that promised feature.

    That's why.
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  8. Aisling1

    Aisling1 Bard

    Oct 8, 2016
    After years of holding off, I went ahead and bought magic residences and workshops.. because of the rumoured RR..
    Now.. I wonder if I bought a pig in a poke so to speak.
    It would be nice to have more clarity, and less rumours. My reasons for not buying magic buildings was that they couldn't be upgraded without blueprints.. and the only way to get blueprints was to be in an FS that got 10 chests.. not easy. The RR was supposed to change that.

    Now, the buildings can be upgraded with diamonds (rendering my blueprints valuable but less so) .. so unless the RR has an added extra.. like upgrading event or diamond buildings.?? . or (Ha.. ) buying extra squares for expansion.. what's the point?
  9. Thagdal

    Thagdal Conjurer

    Apr 5, 2018
    2 years ago....was it annouced on April 1st?:D
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