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Roads contingent to MH


I think it's rather absurd that one is forced to build a road to buildings contingent to the main hall as obviously have a direct conection to the MH!! it is at the least inconvienient,as well as a complete waist of space! Perhaps from a programing stand point a building that requires a road must always have one if this is so and the reason for this, than I understand.However it still seems absurd.If this is NOT the case than perhaps we could consider eliminating roads for contingent buildings!
Thx for listening


Not sure you mean "contingent". But if you mean buildings that are touching the main hall, I agree; it is annoying. Of course, in real life you use roads to go between buildings that are immediately next to each other.

Sir Derf

But, but, but... the buildings have windows that face each other... Surely visitors would have no problem with traveling from building to building by climbing through windows? Mailman, Tax Collector... It's like operating from a Drive-Through...

And I think the word you were looking for was "contiguous".


yes TY the word is contiguous it was late when I wrote it hehe abd yes that is what I mean buildings that touch the MH.
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and sidewalks
why not