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rewards for quests I have not completed

I just logged into my city and I have been credited with building a gate of dimensions which I haven't even started building yet


are more bugs like this in ch.18, all showing today. I am asked to sell the Gate when I still have 3 techs to go.


Thanks Geordianna for starting this thread and Silmaril for answering it. I think I was going to finish the event questline anyway but this has certainly helped.


Also delighted, here - I was wondering how I was going to wedge the enormous (and unwanted) 7x4 Woodelves' Habitat into one of my two or three 1x2 or 2x2 spaces... and now I don't have to! And I even got the reward for (not) doing so, as well. InnoGames needs to do this more often! :D