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Answered resetting perks


I understand how perks work, mostly, but I have no idea about the value of resetting perks for the Fellowship. What is the point of resetting?

Sir Derf

For one, suppose you are a smaller Fellowship and put your perks into a large Tourney Archive, allowing you to buy into the occasional 10th chest for a Blueprint now and then. If the Fellowship grows and becomes capable of getting further in the Tourney you can reset the Perks, assigning less to the Tourney Archive and more to other places.

Happened to my Fellowship. We're now larger and can achieve 10 Chest regularly on our own.


I haven't had the need to do so, but a reset could come in handy for the ArchMage if one of the Mages makes a boo-boo and assigns FE to the wrong archive. Or have I been misreading perks and FE points all this time?

My FS max'd out the Spire Archive at L10 so we could get an occasional Gold Spire. The other archives get preference in the order Tournament, Advanced Help, and Knowledge Sharing last. If for any reason we wanted to change this priority order, we could reset and reassign the FE points accordingly.


You get 1 reset a month for free, a second costs 1000 diamonds, the free reset becomes available on the 1st of each month. I tweak mine most months if nothing else but to stop another fellow doing so with the free reset.