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Question Research Night Essence requirement exceeds level 4 portal storage


Hi everyone,

has anyone else experienced this, and if you did how did you overcome it?

I've included a screenshot for clarity.

I have fully upgraded my fairy portal to level 4, which gives me a max Night Essence storage of 208 And max Ambrosia storage of 690.

however, I have research that requires 230+ Night Essence.

how do I store the additional Night Essence I need? it isn’t possible to build additional portals, and there doesn't seem to be any other applicable fairy buildings.

many thanks!

p.s. I’ve just seen that the last research item, the fairies ancient wonder, requires 800 Ambrosia, which is also more than I can store


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Greetings @Lilz007 The Fairy Portal should be allowing you a Maximum Capacity of 900 Ambrosia and 300 Night Essence at Level 4.

at second look you’re absolutely right - the new screenshot shows that the cap is as you say, however for some reason it’s capped itself at 690 and 208 Which is really bizarre. I think I may need to open a support ticket?



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Huh. The fickle gods of Elvenar have apparently decided theyve had enough fun at my expense. I’ve restarted the game, again, tried a different device, again, and whatever the problem was it seems to have fixed itself. If you check out the new attachment, the stock capacity now has additional room for collection. Thanks for the replies though, guys!


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