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Reprieve - 10th Chest within our grasp !!


Hi Boys & Girls, we have bin consistently getting 9 to 10 chests each Tournament and we honestly do this without the MADNESS associated with some fellowships when it comes to rules and regulations, unreasonable demands on your private life and the hassle of trading life for game ...
But, we would love to get that tenth chest and realize that we will not achieve that without another 1 to 4 players that like to rake up the points during the Tournaments.

Please write me, "ABO2011" or "KlippiesRSA" with your info or do application and we see if we can add you to our little family. We only have one spot open but there are THREE or FOUR players that we will let go to make space for our new active players ....

300 minimum requirements in the Tournaments is our norm but I am going to look for candidates that like to rake them up much higher to enable us to reach that tenth chest. Our top 5 / 6 players in Tournies like to do 3000+ and we are grateful for them ...

ReprieveWarlock, WMLK, NaturePrince, ABO2011, Kaypees, Magical Unicorn, NoblePrince, Babyklip = those big reapers
our other members beclko, Daenor, Smoo, Delicatu, Pippabee52, kalistia, Pippet, Deolran, KlippiesRSA, JackHobbs, Rumlestiltskinn, viva-El-Turpinator and No hope (Hope i have u all ... ) that each do a bit to get us there ... thank you

Hop[e 2 C some interest in our FS :)