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Quests Repetitive quests


I see are several repetitive quest and my propusal is if would be possible for developers to make them in a sub-menu,listed,and when u complete them to fill automated,to have the possibility to collect simultan rewards,will be more atractive for us,the players,
for example if i have to collect my houses i need to set my repetitive mission "collect 50k coins for 4.5k supplies as reward"..ok ,i need to cancel 15 missions for repeat this mission and collect my coins to fill this mission several times,and is booring after a wile...cuz i need to make many missions every day...
I dont know if everyone undestand my ideea,i hope u do,i know my english is bad :(.
Please make the missions to complete automated to not be necesary so many cancels :D
And for the players,please reply with Pro/Contra or/and complete my ideea if necesary :)
Thank you!


I agree that there could be a simpler/easier way to deal with repetitive quests and accepting/declining certain ones.