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Relic Trading


I was wondering if there is something we can do with our relics?

Maybe trade relics like we do goods, It's just I have thousands of some relics not being used and others, I do not have enough of.





It's something that has been asked for a lot - either to be able to trade them or for some other use to be found for them. I'm not aware of Inno responding on it so it doesn't look like they're keen to do anything with it.


i think the main problem is that since CCs came about most people make only CCs in the MA so you only use up the relics needed to make the CCs (i believe they are your boost +2). This explains why those 3 relics are so low in your image, only thing to do really is go extra hard on those tournaments.


trading is rather pointless: you can just make more of the ones you need in tourneys, but some new use for the thousands of useless relics gathering dust would be something I would sign up for :)