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Relic boost info in Magic Academy while crafting Relics.


Hi Elvenar Team,
Would it be possible to add an info regarding relic boost in the Magic Academy when you point a relic that can be crafted. If the item that is to be crafted is a building then you show a very detailed info on the building but if its a relic then a popup info is shown which has the relic name. But you could consider to add more info if the relic that can be crafted is one that can boost production. An info on how many relics are needed for the next boost, a similar info that you show in the world map or in main hall will be handy.



Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Hi @Zaapps, and thanks for your suggestion. However, this option has been suggested before.

The receipes are generic and available to all players regardless of their boosted goods and level of play. In addition, all the information about the amount of relics, boosted relics, and boost % is already available, as you well know, at the Main Hall.