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Update Discussion Release Notes version 1.87


I just noticed the crazy percentage in my training speed and I see the comments about this already. Is this supposed to be getting fixed? Apparently my training speed is currently 23,225%!

The notes say that a percentage is better than an absolute number, but I disagree because we already know that Inno doesn't understand (or at least doesn't clarify) percentage calculations (i.e Phoenixes and Mountain Halls for example). With more than one thing affecting training speed I think I will find it easier just to know that it is at 482. I don't technically know what 482 means, but I know that it is a constant number that I can see increasing.
Pauly7 flame knight has a link in this thread if you wanna see the official answer to what 482 means.
i'd like it if they used %s but i think what throws people off is that when you get your 1st relic boost, say from 100% to 106%, you get an actual increase of 6% more goods. when your boost is 600% and you get a 6% increase to 606%, your factories only increase their production by 1% more than what it was before you got your last 6% boost increase.


Either which way my training speed isn't 23,225% of whatever standard it is being compared to. Whatever percentage I'm given won't give me confidence because when they offer something that will increase something by a certain percentage it never turns out to be true. Usually it means the percentage will increase to this amount, or some weird variation.
Pauly7 actually, it is 23,000% faster than a level 1 barracks. wiki says a 25th level barracks is a speed of 164. it's 164 times faster than a level 1 barracks or 16,400% faster. add about 1/3 of that (about 5500%) for a 6th level needles that adds 30% to training speed and you get about 22,000%. pretty close to the 23,000% they're saying it is and pretty close considering i rounded numbers and didn't use a calculator.
still it would have been easier if they used # of axe or swordmen produced in an hour. i agree there.


27th level Needles as it goes. :)

I'm glad there is a way to get there, but it is a percentage that is in no way meaningful. Who would care how much faster they are compared to a situation where they just built a Barracks and had nothing else to compare it to? Imagine if they stopped telling me the available population and just said, well you have 500,000% more population than you would if you had 1 level 1 residence.


Just had my first bag of petfood appear in crafting since the update.
I used to get 1 or 2 every other cycle previously so it has certainly become a lot rarer in my opinion.
I'll have to ration the 50 I have is stock now probably for round 5 and 6 on most tourneys and maybe also round 3 and 4 for the harder ones instead of using my current 3 every tourney.
I have been getting lots and lots of the 5 relic craft options which as a tourney player weekly I never use and wish those had been made more scarce.
Earlier 4 of the 5 craftable items were 5 relics.
Pauly7looks like i misread the level of your needles and made a bad guess about your barracks. but i finally figured it out when i clicked on my needles. my barracks should be 35,000% faster than a level 1 barracks and my level 26 needles says 31,600% which is about 90% of my barracks speed, which it's supposed to be. so it does add the % listed on needles to the % on our barracks. your barracks should be 25,000% faster than a level 1 and so the 23,000% is 90% of that also.
you're right though. that is a silly way to look at the speed. i was curious about what you were saying, especially after flame knight pointed me to the thread w/ the info about that because i never knew what the heck 63 training speed meant before that. i usually just tell people that a level 1 needles adds 15%, level 6 30%, etc.


hmmm, rather odd, since the update, I'm getting a lot of enchantments to craft which I can produce in the MA, why?
I'd rather see stuff to craft that I can't produce.
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Sir Derf

Reduced pet food, as they introduce three new pets in the next event...

And, did I read correctly, that one of the new pet's feeding benefit is a bonus when you then feed other pets?

Bwa-ha-ha! :rolleyes:

Dizzy Lizzie

Ex-Team Member
I noticed again error on adroid that sometimes i need to restart game so i can start production
Please check the Play Store for the latest release to see if this fixes this issue. If it doesn't, please drop a line to our Support Team (click on the cog on the game screen, select the help tab then open a ticket with Support). Thanks! :)