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Release Notes version 1.73


Elvenar Team

Release Notes

Dear Humans and Elves,

We'll be updating Elvenar to version 1.73 today, which included the following changes.


  • Several technical improvements have been implemented for the battle system and more are to follow in upcoming versions. They are all of strictly technical nature and should not affect your experience with battles negatively in any way. Should you find any bugs, please do not hesitate to report them to us.
  • A new reward overview for bigger events, like the upcoming Carnival event, shows you the highlights of all available prizes and can easily be accessed from the event window.

Bug Fixes

As with every update, we've resolved a number of bugs, among which:
  • Challenges - Fixed the cause of several cut off text elements in tooltips within the Challenges event window.
  • Battle - Reinstated missing information about damage bonuses against other units types in tooltips.
  • Email validation - Fixed a rare issue that caused the e-mail validation links sent via e-mail to not work properly.
  • Tournaments - Removed the source of an error that would sometimes cause Tournament rewards to be shown in two separate reward popups instead of one.
  • Crafting - All buildings now show correct Chapter information in tooltips in the Crafting overview, instead of just displaying values for Chapter 1.


Note: the app version of the update is released separately from the browser version.
  • New sound files have been added for the collection of items, e.g. for Units from Barracks and productions in the buildings of the most recent Guest Races.
  • The layout of Battle preparation screens was adjusted to use the entire screen.
  • Additional information buttons were added to Grand Prize reward windows in events so that you can easily look up what you just won.
  • A new disclaimer will notify you about losing all produce should you somehow manage to trigger an upgrade of a building with a finished production.
  • Ancient Wonders - When finishing an upgrade of an Ancient Wonder with Diamonds, its window will now display up-to-date information without needing to reopen it once first.
  • Wishing Well - Wishing Wells were incorrectly showing random production values next to the random reward indicator. This faulty information has been removed.

We hope you like the changes that are coming to Elvenar with this new version. Please let us know your thoughts by posting them in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team